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Saint Lucia Towns and Village locations


Below is a list of Towns and Village names in English and Creole dotted around the island of Saint Lucia (Sent Lisi):

There are two towns, starting north of the island:

Gros Islet (creole - Gwozilé) - home to the famous Friday Night Street Party

Castries (creole - Kastwi) - main city and port for Cruise ships and the like

Villages, next down after Castries:

Anse La Raye (creole - Lanslawé) - home to Friday Night Fish Fest

Canaries (creole - Kannawi)

Soufriere (creole - Soufwiyè) - home of the magnificent Pitons [Piti Piton & Gwo Piton)

Choiseul (creole - Chwazèy) - prime location for local craftsmen

Laborie (creole - Labowi)

Vieux Fort (creole - Vyé Fò) - this is the southern most village on the island

Now heading back you north on the East Coast…

Micoud (creole - Mikou)

Dennery - (creole - Dennwi) - fishing village and home to the Saturday Night Fish Fry

Other notable location could include:

Bexon (creole - Bèson)

Babonneau (creole - Babonno)


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